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        K-12 Education

        Welcome to the K-12 Education Portal! This landing spot will help you explore and navigate current programs and opportunities in the field of education during your time here at Williams.? To learn more about K-12 Education at Williams, please check-out the resources below.

        Program in Teaching

        Williams offers in depth study of education related topics and teaching pedagogy through the department of psychology and the other liberal arts academic disciplines. Please visit the Program in Teaching for:

        • a description of the program in teaching
        • relevant course offerings and opportunities for supervised teaching experience
        • academic advising for all those interested in education
        • on-campus workshops and speakers

        Engage with the Community

        Education Outreach through the Center for Learning in Action supports a rich variety of experiential, volunteer and paid learning opportunities in the local schools and beyond. Please visit?Education Outreach?to access the myriad of jobs and connections we offer. These include:

        • general mentoring programs
        • teaching hands-on science to elementary school students
        • coaching high schoolers in writing and study skills
        • teaching social entrepreneurship
        • winter study opportunities
        • and much more in Williamstown, North Adams, Pittsfield and farther afield!

        Beyond Williams

        The ‘68 Center for Career Exploration offers valuable resources for students to gain education-related field experiences through summer and post-graduate internships, study, and job possibilities. Please visit Careers to learn more about services that include:

        • advising
        • interview and resume preparation
        • on-campus interviews and job fairs
        • access to the Ephlinks education group, an online network connecting students & alumni interested in or working within education. As a group member you can explore opportunities, send a message or actively participate in conversations.

        In addition to these online resources, please also reach out to us for more information and to connect in person. We look forward to spending time with you!

        Susan Engel
        Senior Lecturer in Psychology, Class of 1959 Director of Program in Teaching
        Psychology Department

        Jennifer Swoap
        Associate Director/Director of Elementary Outreach
        Center for Learning in Action, Brooks House

        Kaatje White
        Assistant Director/High School Outreach
        Director of The Williams Center at Mt Greylock
        Center for Learning in Action, Brooks House

        Emma Cutrufellow
        Associate Director/Director of Career Discovery Programs
        ’68 Center for Career Exploration, Mears House


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